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Turkosgatan 49
SE-42150 Västra Frölunda
Phone: +46 (0)31 478112


We can offer you the following services:

Development of new electronic devices or in depth analyses of existing equipment.

Measurement uncertainty analyses.

Six Sigma project support.


We started in 1983 with mainly radiocommunication consulting.

A few years later selling, service and installation of consumer and professional electronics started.

The company was introduced on the Internet in the 90:s in conjunction with major educational consulting orders in Sweden.

We manage projects and design small scale electronics as well as headends for satelliteTV/cable networks and
radiocommunication systems.

Our experience includes delivery, installation for operational mode and maintenance of
satellite TV and terrestial TV for private customers as well as headend equipment for cable TV networks.
We manage fixed focal and offset parabolic antennas as well as motor controlled automatic positioning
parabolic antennas with a maximum of 2 m diameter.

Design and service of professional light and sound systems is also a part of our experience.

Our Nordic operational area spans from Ramsund in northern Norway to
Dalarna, Gästrikland, Uppsala, Stockholm and the Gothenburg region in Sweden.


Some of our earlier cooperative partners were:

Celsius Metech AB

Teracom AB

Ericsson Radio Systems AB

University of Gavle/Sandviken

Storno Motorola AB

Hotel Princess Sandviken


We have long experience from university lecturing:

analogue & digital electronics


signal theory

microwave engineering

antenna engineering


We are experienced users of the following CAE/CAD software:


High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS)

Advanced Design System (ADS)



Microwave Office


Electronics Workbench Pro (Multisim)

GUM Workbench


Please see also some sample projects from our area of completed projects!

Please contact us for additional information on products, pricing, quotations etc!